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Antitort is unique because of its implementation and planning capabilities. We provide more than data and information. We have developed a strong implementation and planning capability based on solid, thorough investigation findings. We offer more advanced business plans and business practice resources, including strategies and their implementation relating to business competition, vendor cooperation, protection against infringement, are designed to help businesses to complete their projects, adopt flexible measures and maximize their interests.
Antitort is also characterized with complete independence. We are not affiliated to any industries or companies. Nor do we have close business dealings with them. This ensures good independence and does not place us in a position to violate business ethics and thus make clients suffer losses.
Antitort’s investigators are experts in their own industries and have accumulated a great wealth of relevant experience. We also have competitive prices and outstanding after-sales services; we promised that your questions will be answered even after the investigation reports are delivered.
Antitort delivers the investigation reports to our clients concisely and accurately. We will help you carry out your new thoughts and ideas through a variety of methods such as technical support.
Antitort keeps good communication with clients. We will tell you what we can do if we can not achieve the assignment. Our credibility is very important. Our opinion and plan for you is on the basis of honesty and integrity. We would not do anything inappropriate to damage our reputation.