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We promise a simple, fast procedure through which you can assign us to work for you. The procedure is as follows:

On-line consultation:

After responding to your enquiries, we will assign a consultant to talk with you to clarify the investigation objectives and tasks before a group of our investigators draw up an investigation plan and provide a written letter of intent for your information, which includes:

1. A statement whether we can accept the assignment
2. An assessment of the commissioned project
3. An investigation plan
4. Estimated time needed to complete the project
5. The fee we charge

We will flesh out the plan s you require and sign it into a formal agreement with you before the investigation formally starts.

Investigation fulfilled and report delivered

Our investigators will keep you posted about how the investigation goes and provide you with a complete investigation report when job ends. The report includes original copies of documents obtained during the investigation, documented investigation processes in great detail, relevant pictures, audio/video materials, legal analyses, expert opinions and others for your information.

Based on the differences of projects, we will adopt different ways of charging to ensure all of our clients can feel our humanized and professional side.

________, assignment fees paid at one time:Due to some investigation do not necessarily have a definite result, we can only report back to the clients according to the objective facts, therefore, we will assess the cost of the investigation based on your requirements and charge a full investigation fee before the investigation .

________, assignment fees paid by stage: According to the clients’ requirements, adopt the sectional charge, we will charge 50% of the total fee before the investigation begins, the other 50% will be charged after the investigation report is submitted.

Annual fee: Our specialists will help you to design a basket of annual investigation plans and charge standard based on clients’ investigation item.