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Antitort Security Consultant Co., Ltd.

Antitort Security Consultant Co., Ltd. was developed from the Guangzhou ZhunSheng Information Consulting Co,. Ltd. Founded in the early 1990s, Antitort is a professional investigation company with a history of more than 20 years. Our scope of business includes social legal consulting, agent for legal writing, agent for non-litigation legal affairs, business consulting services, enterprise management services, corporate image planning services, commercial information consulting services, patent services, agent for trademark, copyright service, and agent for industrial and commercial registration.
Our elite team is composed of professionals sophisticated in theory and practice of investigations and IPRs. The leaders of our company have a strong proactive approach, they can accurately grasp the trend and dynamics of the industry. We adjust and upgrade our services timely to meet the needs of clients.
With professional attitude and technology, Antitort won the trust of many of our clients. We offer business investigation and business risk control strategy solutions to businesses, law firms, and governmental offices. With long years of business investigation and business risk control practice, Antitort focuses on the new development of business investigation and business risk control and on the thorough research into business risk control solutions.
Antitort became the designated service provider for members of Guangdong International Economy Associate on 2014/06/01. Antitort’s clients are all over the world, most of them are from the world top 500 companies. Over the years of working with our clients and partners, Antitort has established long-term and effective relations with the different levels of judicial and supervisory authorities, local governments, industry associations, information and certification organizations in China.