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Welcome to join us! Antitort has the following open position:

Job title: Investigator
Duties: Fulfill investigation tasks assigned by the company and commissioned by the client

1. Age: 20-45
2. Education: High school or above
 3. Household registration: unlimited
4.Well understand business investigation and its operation and market conditions, have an insight into its development prospects, are able to work independently; are knowledgeable with an in-depth understanding of certain areas; are a careful thinker and analyst; have keen observation and quick judgment; and are able to devise feasible plans and implement them
5. Are an honest, good team player, aspire to develop market, and are able to work independently under pressure

If you are interested in this position, please send us an application with your resume. We will reply to your application as soon as possible. Please remember that we don’t accept visitors.

Welcome to join Antitort!